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A concern shared among many individuals who cater to the disabled community is, how we, as a society relate to ‘disabled’ people. Instead of pitying them, we need to provide them with opportunities to develop their potential and recognize their contribution.

While conducting sculpture workshops for the disabled, an idea came to Chandrasekaran’s mind, to open a fine arts college for the disabled. Called “Ovvai Mulari”, the college has started accepting applications from disabled students for its three-year diploma course in sculpture, which begins in August 2015.

“I have seen disabled and physically challenged people creating great pieces of art. Many don’t continue it due to lack of encouragement and sponsorship. My main aim is to encourage them, mainly the hearing impaired, by teaching about the new trends in sculpture-making,” said Chandrasekaran, who is a former principal of the College of Fine Arts, Chennai.

Mr. Chandrasekaran is currently funding the college on his own. I do hope our government comes forward and provides funding for such positive endeavors.