Take initiative…

You can make a positive impact by implementing one or more of the ideas listed on this page. Remember, you can take initiatives everyday! Every small deed is important, every day.

Animal Welfare: Educate yourself about Animal Welfare laws in India. Learn about how you can contribute.  http://www.awbi.org/awbi-pdf/Act%20&%20Rules%20-%20English.pdf

Plant trees: Plant bird friendly trees like neem and peepal so that birds have something to eat and nest.

Indoor plants: Invest in low-cost, low maintenance indoor plants. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they also aid in removal of toxins and chemicals in the indoor air. They purify the air, making the place more pleasant to live and work.

Help your winged friends: Keep water in balconies and window sills for birds. Many birds die due to lack of water during summer. Grow plants on your balconies to provide shade to the birds. You will be delighted at the company of your winged friends.

Know your Language: Language we have been brought up with, is our mother language. Many languages in our country are fragile. Practice speaking your native language with children. Teach them the significance of the language. Read a story or poem in your native language. Encourage friends and youth to use native language. Blog about your language. Language is one element preserved by continuous usage.

Water awareness: We can save water in simple ways daily such as not letting the tap run while brushing, or washing our face.  We can limiting the time spent during showers. Instead of using running water to clean your cars, bikes, scooters, etc, use a wet fabric. Water is precious.

Reduce your plastic consumption:

  • Keep cloth, paper, or jute bags with you at home, office, or car, so that you remember to use them when you go shopping.
  • If your purchase is relatively small, avoid taking a plastic bag.
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to go without getting new plastic bag for a week or a month. Every bit counts.

Recycle: Make sure you recycle newspapers and magazines. Donate items (in decent condition),  you no longer need to individuals who could use it or to NGOs.

World Leprosy Day: Understand the scientific cause for Leprosy and help spread its awareness in our society.

Oil and Gas Conservation: Read about the need for ‘Oil and Gas Conservation’. Understand that there is a limit on the oil supply. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form. Each one of us can help reduce the country’s oil imports by following simple steps. 1. Walk whenever possible, instead of using a vehicle. This is good for your health too. 2. Reduce the heat while cooking on your stove. 3. Maintain good condition of your vehicle. More great tips can be found here.

Child Labour: Educate yourself about Child Labour. Learn more about the causes of Child Labour and the laws governing them. Spread the message to raise awareness about it. Support organisations working to help eradicate Child Labour.

World Braille Day.Make an attempt to learn more about blind people, and the issues they face in their every day life. (http://nabindia.org ) Support an organization serving the blind by volunteering your time or by making a donation. Go a step further, by making a pledge to donate your eyes.

Start Today: What better time to start doing something good than today! The reasons are countless, but the need definitely exists. Someone in your community may need help.Give your time as a volunteer. If you need a place to start check out the websites: Karmayog, and Idealist . From my own experience, the amount of satisfaction obtained while serving is immense. Whatever we do, however small could shape a person’s life.We can make a difference everyday. Let us start today!

37 thoughts on “Take initiative…”

    • hi,
      i think to take part in social activity , but dont know where to begin from. i really think to do it. but taking initiative means i would like to get involve with some or other organisation who are really working for the welfare .
      kindly request u to suggest me @mirzamohdabulquasim@adc.edu.in
      that how to proceed and from where to start the work.


      • eksparsh said:

        Hello Mirza,

        I just sent you an email at the address you provided.


  1. Hi Adarsh:

    Please see http://www.mifindia.org and drop me a line at pedia333@gmail.com so that I could communicate with you.

    illinois, usa

    Hello Munish, I did visit your website and sent you an email. Thanks, Adarsh.

  2. Good one…your blog looks very professional.

    Keep going…

    Thank you Jarlin!

  3. Hi

    I want to work with NGOs. I am an graduate in Environmental science. how do i get in to NGOs. Plz help…

    • Hi Poonam,

      I just sent you an email regarding working with NGOs.
      Do let me know if you have specific questions.

      • Hi

        Thanks for the reply. I am intrested in the environmental field. NGOs related to environment. I ve also done my diploma in environmental management & ISO 14000.


  4. Hi Poonam,

    Are you looking to work in a particular geographical area? That would help narrow down the NGOs. Let me know… Thanks,

    • hi

      Not particular abt geographical area.. i kno thr r many sectors in environmental field. But i dont know how do i get in to it n which sector would ve gud future..


      • Poonam, I will find out more about this and get back in touch with you soon. Thanks, Adarsh.

  5. i just want to know that if i invest money in lok mitra kendra
    but what type of benifit is there

  6. Hi Adarsh,
    Your blog is truly brilliant..
    the simplicity and content itself makes it so different and professional..
    it will be worth, spending some time here..
    Enjoy the work and Wish you all the best !!.


    i m amit ,i want to estb.my own NGO
    for carreer point of veiw it will be beneficial for me or not ?
    recently i m doing master degree course in RISK & INSURANCE ( MFM RI )

    • eksparsh said:

      Hi Amit, Prior to starting your own NGO, it will be helpful to volunteer with a organization which is doing work in the line you want to pursue. Environment, Education, etc. Regarding your question about it being beneficial to your career, it would depend on what your objectives for your career are. If it is financial security, then you would need to work in a corporate or company setting. On the other hand, if you want to help people, then a job in the NGO sector is fulfilling. Best, Adarsh.

  8. Siddharth Mishra said:

    I want to be a part of this organisation, as an active member. How can I?

  9. anil patidar said:

    i m also want to develop my village how i can …?


    I am an RTI activist .I want to develop a panchyat as a model where transparency , accountability &participatory metheod must be followed pl suggest .

  11. very good information.


  12. Oh!you are a motivation!How about isuuing ethinicity and religious issues??

    • This blog aims to create awareness among individuals about issues often ignored by the mainstream media. Ethnicity and religious issues get ample coverage in various media.

  13. hello adarsh,
    your blog is very inspiring apart from being immensely informative.
    i am interested in social work and volunteering in NGOs dealing with works related to Indian arts and crafts. I am a trained product designer from NIFT and therefore would like to contribute towards the creative activities like product development activities of the NGO. And it would be convenient if the NGO has a pan-indian presence. Please let me know if you come across any such opportunity.


    • Hi Prashanthi,

      Thank you for your comment. I will definitely let you know about opportunities in the product development field with NGOs. Is there a particular city that you would be interested in moving to? Let me know.

  14. Kusumalatha K.R. said:

    Hi, Adarsh,
    Just read about your activities in PVMetro… and visited your blog… very impressed….., Wish you all the best in your moto….am also coming to India on 24th this month, and decided to settle there only….. wish to do some help to orphan / poor kids… (regarding education / health / awareness etc. ) want to become a volunteer in any NGO’s engaged in these activities… could u plz help me in this regard.


  15. HI Adarsh, nice to all ur comments very impressed, I would like to do an home based business like paper bag or candle making etc totally confused to start, can you suggest me how to start a business at home. Need an guide to startup.

  16. Prashanthi said:

    i am sorry for the late reply as i was relocating…. now i am in hyderabad….so i would be very thankful….if you could give me info about handicraft product development NGOs that you know of in Hyderabad itself….

  17. chethana kamath s said:

    I’ve read about you .l appreciate people who are concerned about nature. I’ve taken inspiration from you. The views of yours match with mine.I wish you both strength and success in whatever you do.may GOD bless you.;

  18. Wonderful guidelines! Plastics is a menacing, huge issue today pushed aside often as inconsequential by almost all. It would help if estimated how much energy, money, raw materials are wasted daily nationwide as thrown plastics. (estimated crudely, got Rs. 8 crores daily approx! perhaps a better calculation could be made, shown to public. Then, conscientious would have second thoughts taking them seeing the staggering loss).

    • It will be informative to know the details behind wastage of plastics. The conscientious are a minority unfortunately!

  19. K. Bharath said:

    Excellent set of changes that need to be practiced at society and individual levels! Putting an estimate for the plastics thrown-away will make people think again every-time shop-vendors thrust bags/utensils etc. to customers. (A rough estimate showed the figure to Rupees Eight Crores daily!) Can India and the earth with all global myriad problems afford such a unrecoverable (but avoidable) loss?

  20. K. Bharath said:

    Thanks! What we as a society have lost is the full-life cycle look at life and for solving these issues.

  21. Naveen Singh Pundir said:

    Hii Aadarsh,

    Your work is worth appreciating. I wish I could join your team.
    Rgds, Naveen

    • eksparsh said:

      Thanks for your comments! If each individual does their bit, we can improve the world we live in. We all need to do whatever little we can!

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