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A couple of weeks back, I loaned ‘Earth from Above: 365 Days’ book from the Public Library.

The book is a compilation of aerial photographs from across the globe taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrands. Each day has a photograph associated with it. Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the area from above, including the location (latitude and longitude) which help you understand the view of the day. You can find out about the archaeological, social, geological and environmental facts about various locations on our planet. Each chapter of the book begins with a noted author addressing subjects such as agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable development, energy, forests, global warming, and water – subjects critical to the future of our planet.

The diversity of photographs found in the book ranges from natural locales, to historical landmarks.

Contemplative message each day is ‘Gentle reminders that we have a choice – either we can save our planet, or we can destroy it. We need to take care of our planet. And every small deed matters.’

This is a very introspective and educative book that provides a view to the most interesting places on earth. Some which I had never heard of.  A wonderful learning experience of the globe sitting at home!