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Ever since an article about us was published in the Kannada daily Prajavani, the phone has not stopped ringing. People from across Karnataka have been calling to congratulate us. It has been an extremely humbling experience.

It is heartening to listen to all the encouragement and kind words that people have to say. Many callers have expressed their interest in joining us. People have asked how they can support our cause.

Each one of us can do our bit for the environment and for the less fortunate. We can use water, electricity, and  fuel sparingly. We can use alternatives to plastic as much as possible.  We can make a choice to conserve our environment. When we witness the plight of villagers with 8 to 10 hours of power cut a day, the message hits hard as to what all we in cities take for granted.

Some of the callers said that though they are not completely comfortable with the lifestyle they are living, they are doing so because of parents, friends and colleagues. As a caller put it, “to maintain status-quo.”  I strongly believe that we need to make a choice in our life that we are comfortable with. We will never be able to live our life if we go by someone else’s perception.

Again, I would like to thank  you all for calling, encouraging, and supporting us. Thank you!