I have been writing about social issues and somewhere in between felt that I should be true to myself in my career choice. After some introspection, I realized that I derive happiness from working for a cause. A natural place to work was for an NGO. My work with an NGO exposed me to the vagaries of life in rural areas. I met many women who left a deep impression on me….

S is the lone bread-winner of her family. Her husband is bedridden and her son cannot walk. He needs to move in a wheel chair. She works daily and earns a living creating art. P is the most cheerful person one would meet. Meeting her one cannot guess that at 23 years, she is a widow with a 5-year-old daughter and supports her family by creating art. Not once has she complained about her life. One day, she told me she is grateful to what life has given her.

These and other interactions with similar people, made me see life from a very different perspective. With a strong conviction and belief, I’ve decided to attempt to lead a sustainable life. I quit my full-time job and started a social enterprise inspired by this blog and hence called “Ek Sparsh”.”Ek Sparsh” aims to promote hand crafted eco-friendly products. It promotes sustainable livelihood for the artisans and myself.

“Ek Sparsh” began this in January, 2012 and I’ve learned a lot in the process of taking it off the ground.  Family and friends with good intentions have cautioned us. I’m often asked questions .

Why don’t you take up a job working in an office and earn a good salary like other people?  Knowingly, why do you want to struggle in life, and in the process become a liability? You have studied so much, but still why do you want to do all this? Why don’t you earn well, purchase a flat, buy a car, and be normal?

A life well lived seems to be the best answer to the above questions.

I believe what a great person once said: There is enough in the world for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.

My choices have required me to live sustainably as well. Our earnings from the venture have been sufficient to pay our bills. We use public transport, spend on necessities and it has been good so far. I will write a more detailed post on this at a later date.

Time will tell how life will pan out. The journey however has been immensely satisfying.