Silvery meadow blue butterfly. Image source: http://ninjawebproxy.com

A rare species of butterfly called the Silvery Meadow Blue (Polyommatus florience) has been discovered in Paangi valley of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This species has been reported for the first time in India. The Silvery Meadow Blue was among 36 species of butterflies the scientists observed during the survey of the valley by a scientific team led by Mr. Avtar Kaur Sidhu, head of the Zoological Survey of India. The silvery blue butterfly  prefers habitat in open woodlands and fields, meadows and roadsides.

“We found 36 species of butterflies in Pangi out of which three to four species are rare and have been listed under the Wildlife Protection Act,” said Sidhu, who had spotted the Silvery Meadow Blue in July 2008 and July 2009.

According to the team, the other species reported are Walnut Blue (which destroys walnut leaves), Black Vein Fritillary, Chequered Blue, Whiteline Hair Streak, Violet Meadow Blue, Common Meadow Blue, Large Green Underwing, Dusky Green Under Wing and Tawny Meadow Brown butterfly species from the valley.

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