Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya – a tribute

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Image source:


Every year, September 15th is celebrated as Engineer’s day across India in honor of the great engineer and statesman Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Born on September 15, 1860, he was one of the most eminent engineers of our country. 

Today, it is fitting to remember Sir MV’s values and make an attempt to emulate his discipline. His contributions to the legacy of Civil Engineering in India and abroad is not only a great source of national pride but also a testimony to his brilliance, skill, honesty and dedication. 

When a young man leaves the institution after a course of training, he should be clean in speech and habit, with a correct sense of patriotism, loyalty to the country, aptitude for initiative, love for self help, appreciation of the value of time, respect for law and order, and a knowledge of the value of right thinking and right living, sufficiently well-equipped to fall into a position in some business or other and be able to support himself. – Sir M. Visvesvaraya 

These words of wisdom passed on by Sir MV should guide our lives. Sir MV’s life was guided by principles of honesty, sincerity, and hard work. He embodied qualities of humility, social service, and moral conduct. Traits that all of us could emulate, especially engineers of today. 

Some of his contributions to the field of civil engineering are: 

  • Architect- Krishnarajasagara (KRS dam)
  • Founder- Bhadravathi Iron and Steel Works.
  • Founder -Mysore Soap Factory and Mysore Sandal Oil Factory.
  • Founder -University of Mysore.
  • Founder – State Bank of Mysore.
  • Founder – Government Engineering College, Bangalore.
  • Founder – Mysore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Designed and constructed Mumbai’s Marine Drive and its water supply system.
  • Prepared blue print for water supply and drainage system of the port city of Aden, Yemen.
  • Designed and executed water works for Sukkur town, Pakistan.

As the Dewan of the erstwhile Mysore state, he initiated numerous projects for the development of the state. Even to this day, people are benefiting as a result of his vision and efforts. The Institution of Engineers, Mysore Centre has a list of books on Sir MV.

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  2. You have been providing very useful and interesting information on a regular basis. That is great. I have been reading your posts through e-mail subscription.:))
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  4. i salute my real hero, and our gr8 grand father of civil department.
    vande mataram

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