Chhavi Rajawat, MBA – Sarpanch

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How many of us know of people who have completed their higher studies, worked in corporate sector, and quit their job to engage in social service? It is a minuscule segment of our educated population, and one that is gradually on the rise. Take the example of 30-year old Chhavi Rajawat. After completing her studies, she worked in the corporate world for few years. Today, she is the village sarpanch (head person) in Soda village, Tonk district, Rajasthan.

“I didn’t have to think about it much because Soda is where I belong and it needs me. In fact, the villagers broke all barriers of caste, gender and religion to ensure my victory. In Soda, not even one per cent of the voters are from my own caste. They [the villagers] wanted to prove that development is the most important factor for which they can overlook all politically created differences.” she says regarding her transition from corporate sector to social sector.

Her grandfather Brig. (retd) Raghubir Singh was unanimously elected sarpanch of Soda village. Rajawat says that her village has seen little development since his retirement 20 years ago. She is determined to improve the conditions for her villagers. Her priorities include, providing access to drinking water, electricity, and construction of proper roads in Soda.

Chhavi studied at Rishi Valley School, Andhra Pradesh, Mayo College Girls School in Rajasthan, and Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. After her MBA from Pune, she worked  for companies such as Times of India, Airtel, etc.  She may be the first woman Sarpanch in India with an MBA degree, but a career in politics is not on her radar.

“I am just a village girl who has had an opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the country and has only gone back home to work with and for her people. It’s as simple as that.”

Being a sarpanch doesn’t pay her much so she continues to work at the family-run Hotel Kailrugji in Jaipur  and the E-quest riding school she set up in Jaipur. Her message for the youth of India:

“Don’t run away from your roots because that is your foundation and the nation’s foundation too. If you want to make a difference, you have got to start at the bottom. There is so much one can do.”

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28 responses to “Chhavi Rajawat, MBA – Sarpanch

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  2. “Don’t run away from your roots because that is your foundation and the nation’s foundation too. If you want to make a difference, you have got to start at the bottom. There is so much one can do.”


  3. we have posted the details of solar hand pump, an innovative product , might be required for soda may kindly send your mail id so that i can send the details.

  4. Thoughts are great.How many of us are willing to do.I belong to Jaipur and would retire some time next year.Iwould like to pay back to society.I would like to contribute to society.How can I help?

    • I agree with you that though many of us have good thoughts, we lack in action. Regarding contributing to society, every small deed is helpful. You could help out people in the town or city you are located in. You can volunteer in local NGOs and devote your time. Organisations will definitely benefit from your experience.

  5. i read about you in news paper punjab kesari . this thing should inspire all women world. it is very comon thing in our country that there are many ladies they are holding post of sarpanch , mc, & cm. but that is only for show of .their husbands and relitives are playing game on behalf of them . there is difrence between you and them you are doing ths job with advance thinking

  6. Ramkishore Pawar " Rondhawala"

    Miss Chabai Rajavat
    I am freelance journalist and writer. I have written many articles on you.
    The UI will you give your e-mail Cderess
    Aramkishoar Panwar
    Betul Disst M P bureau chief daily Punjab Kesari Delhi
    Betul Madhya Pradesh

  7. sulochana Gopinath

    Dear Chavi
    Just now i saw documentary on DD national which featured you in their program. I switched on Television little late hence do not know the title of the said program.I am so happy to see that the young lady like you is doing so much for your villege. when i was young like you i had many drems to do some thing for my villege.Due to family responsibility i was not able to do any thing.I worked in nationalised bank and supported my siblings education.I have only son. ipray god that i must get daughter in law like you and i will support her and encourge her to do social work.All the best .
    God Bless You.
    sulochana gopinath

  8. surprised shocked and amazing!!!
    a perfect combination of beauty and brain , admiration gauranteed .
    20 yrs from now ………………………………………….C M RAJASTHAN

  9. sitaroan ki koi ginti nahi ,ek abhi dikha hai .din mein .

  10. shivendra parmar

    chavi ji mai aapse bahut prabhavit hu aap bhart ki ledis k lie 1 prerna ho. mai aapse baat karna cahta hu.
    .shivendra parmar.9928661939

  11. dear chhavi, i am very glad to hear someone so qualified is doing for village area.our 70%population belongs to rural part but still not developed .you are doing such wonderful thing.hats off to you!! dr nitin from nashik, maharashtra.

  12. congracs.i feel very happy to know that in india still persons like you r alive who thinks not themselves but thinks about country & humanity.please give us your email id or facebook.i am from france.

  13. amarendra pratap singh

    hi chhavi…………. thats really an outstanding job you did…………
    you are really a rolemodel to the young indians…………………
    though i dont stand anywhere but i must say keep it up…………………

    hats off to you……………….. need to meet you!

  14. Sir,
    pl. send me Email Address for CHHAVI RAJAVAT.

  15. Sir,
    I want to contact First MBA Sarpanch CHHAVI RAJAVAT.

  16. Nice Interview on E TV It’s really tough to do work in the system but Chhavi is doing great job and personnaly i wan,t to say Best of luck for future

  17. chandra shakher panwar

    best of luck miss………………and thanks for it………………you are such a land-lady…………….

  18. Dinesh singhvi 9772922229

    Highly appriciable. Today Your speech at MSME is Very good.

  19. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cong best of luck 4 ur future work

  20. vashishthir daspan

    I’m here to inform u that u are not the 1st MBA sarpanch . Th.Amar Singh Ji who did his MBA frm M.S university (Baroda) in 1886, n was elected sarpanch of grampanchayat chittrodi (panchayat samiti raniwara) district jalore (rajasthan). He was the elected sarpanch from year 2000 to 2005. I hope u read this message, and take the required actions whrevr required. I hope to get a reply from you. Thank you. Address : p/o korhi champawatan ; tehsil – raniwara ; dist – jalore ; rajasthan (343049)

  21. *ek tuhi ho jo is pragatee ek naya mod la sakti ho mujhe abhiman hain app jaise himmatwali jhansi ki rani ke upper* you have got another name from my heart &also my family Chalate raho aur na dario *God always bless* by good night me &my family*( Take Care)

  22. hi
    im a guy from a small village same as u.
    i was to thinking to develop my village.but i was thinking tat it was impossible for me as im just 15 and also not from a political related family.and one day i read about u in a regional newspaper and thought its not impossible now
    .i need u r help to see my village developed.
    also need a quick reply if u the needful .
    thanking u.
    by shubham doshi

  23. After going through her story I wish to work like her in my native native village.But I wish to work in Soda village for atleast a month with Ms Rajawat.I don’t know how to contact her for that.Rather going for some corporate internship I want to learn work of Soda panchayat atleast for twenty days.

  24. thoughts are amaznig……..i wish to work in soda village with u becoz u inspire me…u r my ideal…….u r highly appreciable……i wnt to meet u.. i also wish to work as ur junior assistant………..plz accept me as ur assistant…now i m 17 yrs old…i m in 12th standard….i lives in meerut…..and when i ll able to come soda village….that day ll most memorble day for me……plz mam
    ur fan,junior,well wisher
    prachi mishra

  25. Chandanbala Samdariya

    Hello Admin,
    My name is Chandanbala Samdariya . I am studying in ” Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad,” A premier marketing college in India. As part of Our academics , we have to research in village areas. For this We would like to visit your village as our research and do some ground work .It will be very helpful for us from a management point of view as the village has done a wonderful job in terms of development and empowerment .
    Kindly Assist and guide us that how should we go about it .
    We will be very grateful to you if can provide any contact person so that we can communicate to him/her regarding the same.
    Thank you

    Chandanbala Samdariya

  26. Dear Chhavi,
    I had seen your interview on T.V. I am proud of such Rajput girl who is doing so much for her village. I would request; pay more attention on education of girl child and try to stop people who are taking drink in the society. Hope you will bring a great change in your village and very soon you will be the best and honest Sarpunch…………..MLA…………M.P. of the future. And then we can expect a real India of Gandhiji.
    Vimal Kumar Singh

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