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Arunachal Pradesh is the eastern most state of India. It shares its border with Burma(Myanmar) in the south east, Bhutan in the northwest, and Tibet in the north.

Power lines do not extend to remote areas, forcing people in the far flung villages of this state to live in darkness for decades.  Recently, that changed, thanks to the Illumination of Remote Border Villages through Solar project Under Prime Minister’s Package. The project was completed by the Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency.

“Our long wait for electricity is over. It is like a dream come true. It is a journey from darkness to light for us as our homes have finally been illuminated,” Sherab Choedon, a villager of Monigong in West Siang district, said.

According to reports, altogether 364 villages were electrified during the past four months. With this, at least 5,852 households with 26,198 people in 523 hamlets have stepped out of darkness.

Districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Image Source: http://www.mapsofindia.com

The districts of Anjaw, Tawang, East Kameng, Kurung Kumey, Upper Subansiri, Dibang Valley, West Kameng, West Siang, Tirap and Changlang were covered under the project.

The project has helped light up the lives of villagers from Shepedung, the last hamlet on the Sino-Indian border in Tawang, to Namchik, a nondescript village in Changlang district along the Indo-Myanmar border with the help of solar-powered incandescent CFL bulbs.

The Illumination of Remote Border Villages through Solar project Under Prime Minister’s Package has also helped provide electricity to remote villages in Jammu and Kashmir. It will be helpful if the government initiates and undertakes projects to provide electricity to villages across India.     Read more here.