Nearly a year ago, I had  posted my thoughts about Kiva.  Here’s an update. The amount I had loaned to Mrs. Lula Samuel has been returned completely. I am so happy I got an opportunity to help out this lady in South Sudan. You can check out the loan details here.

Mrs Lula Samuel had asked for the loan to expand her green vegetables business. From the profits she made, she not only repaid the loan, but  is also able to pay her children’s school fees. Thanks Kiva for this opportunity! Totally, made my day!

Now, I am loaning the repaid amount to Mrs Toyin Kolawole, in Nigeria.

Mrs Toyin sells drinks and also supplies mattresses to schools on demand, and she has been in this trade for many years. She is requesting a loan  to buy more drinks from the factory to sell. This, she says, will reduce her cost price and transportation to market and increase profit. She runs these businesses with the support of her husband who sometimes assists her despite his busy schedule. With these combined businesses, she could make more profit to keep up her household.

It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to do some good! It is hard to believe that sitting here in Minneapolis, I am able to be of some little help to someone in Nigeria through Kiva. If you are reading this, I would strongly recommend contributing in whichever way you can. You can check out www.kiva.org for more information.

Am really happy and sincerely wish Mrs Toyin Kolawale the very best!