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Given the increasing number of mobile customers in rural India, the idea of a phone-based information dissemination system has been floating around for a while. The high costs of information propagation was a major setback – until now.

Such a service primarily targeting the Indian Farmer is the Rural Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS). This System supports 7 Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannad, Telugu and Tamil) with another 7 languages to be added shortly.

This multi-lingual IVRS provides complete, reliable and high performance software solution for rural India. The farmers can create their personalized service comprising of localized weather updates, crop advisory, agricultural rural news and market prices in 11 states, from a wide menu of 250 crops and 1200 local and national markets, in the local language of their choice. It provides filtered information to the needs of a rural user in a language he understands through normal telephone beyond any terrestrial boundaries.

Drishti Soft Solutions Pvt Limited, and G.S. Management were responsible for engineering this social innovation in our country. I do hope this is a harbinger of a multitude of technological innovations that would benefit and aid in the development of rural India.  Read more here.