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‘Ger to Ger’ is a social enterprise started in Mongolia that aims at improving the lives of the nomadic people.

Half of Mongolia’s population are herders of which 65% are living at or below the poverty line. Rural poverty has been exacerbated by  extreme winters, that caused the death of nearly 10 million livestock.  In addition, inadequate pasture management has resulted in advance desertification and water shortages that will require many years for the environment to recover.

To address this need, Ger to Ger was started. The concept of community tourism was re-designed to ensure its

Ger to Ger community tourism. Image Source: http://www.changemakers.com

implementation was within the boundaries of  social  and cultural networks of Mongolia’s nomadic tribes.

To alleviate rural poverty and prevent others from slipping into poverty, it is critical that there is a mobilization of the industry to develop an interlacing rural tourism infrastructure that responsibly fulfills private sector needs, while addressing the needs of sustainable community growth. Furthermore by cultivating Mongolia’s natural and herder resources, rural communities are engaging in income generating activities that is generating towards enhance public-private partnerships towards economic development, health and education development, and natural resource management in rural areas where Ger to Ger operates.

Today, Ger to Ger is generating income to the nomadic people of Mongolia. As one of them, Mr. Chuluuunhuu, a Nomadic Herder attests

“Before we involve in Ger to Ger project we did not have own animals and we used to herd other people’s animals to feed our four daughters. We are very happy now to became member of Ger to Ger. We bought sheep, few cows and horses. Even we could send our two daughters to Universities.”

For the inquisitive, ‘Ger’ is the traditional dwelling of nomads in Mongolia. Visit http://www.gertoger.org to learn more about this social venture.