In today’s world of email, chat, and long-distance calls, writing letters is almost  extinct. Growing up, when I used to write letters, apart from the joy of writing, I remember  visiting the postoffice to see what new stamps are out, and which one I could purchase.

Horses of India. Image Source: http://www.stampsofindia.com

Traditional Indian Textiles. Image Source: http://www.stampsofindia.com

Philately or stamp collection was one of the many childhood hobbies for most of us who grew up in the pre-cable television/video games generation. It was something that I enjoyed too… Exchanging stamps with friends and fellow collectors was enjoyable.

As an ode to 2009, here are some of the interesting stamps brought out by the Postal department of India. The collection of stamps released in 2009 highlight the cultural spectrum of our country. From heritage monuments, to spices, environmental concerns to traditional art, and important personalities.  Please do visit the postal website.