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Bamboo has been in the news of late for a variety of its ‘green uses’ including a computer maker using bamboo for its packaging!

Bamboo has been an intricate part of Naga art and culture. The Government of Nagaland, in an effort to maximize its cultural and environmental appeal,  has set up the Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA) .

Nagaland is famous for its Bamboo handicrafts.

The centre currently has a bamboo stick and splints production unit. The centre for incense sticks and Venetian blinds produces at a capacity of 40 square metres per day and toothpick production lies at 300 kilograms per shift.

Another Bamboo product picking up market is Bamboo Charcoal.

The NDBA with support from National Bamboo Mission on Bamboo Application has set up 45 bamboo charcoal production kilns across the state, producing about 11.25 tons of charcoal per day with special focus in the bamboo flowering regions of the state. The NBRC complex in Dimapur alone accounts for 400 kilograms of bamboo charcoal per hour.

In addition to the above, Bamboo mat making has also been taken up as a community enterprise.  Nagaland also has one bamboo canning unit and a fermented bamboo shoot packaging unit.

With the world unable to meet to the growing demands of wood which is becoming scarce, bamboos can well be the ‘green’ alternative.  Bamboo industry in Nagaland is drawing more entrepreneurs in the rural sector while attempting to alleviate the rural poor.  Read more here.