Fashion designer Nida Mahmood’s creations exhibited at the recent Fashion Week in New Delhi include jackets printed with memorable lines from classic Hindi films such as “Sholay” and “Don”, while the faces of superstars such as Amitabh Bachchan adorn bright wraps. Nida says her clothes are a throwback to the now outdated art of painting Bollywood movie posters by hand. Digital technology has robbed the jobs of Bollywood poster painters. Nida wanted to do her bit to rehabilitate the poster artists. But, it was no easy task.

The job of film posterwallahs died around 15-20 years ago. Most of them have taken up different professions and it was very difficult to locate them. After wandering in the streets of Delhi, I found some of them but they refused to work with me.

A handful of them agreed to work with her.

It is our first project where we are trying to rehabilitate poster artists who have been forced out of their art and livelihood by modern technology. They are working with us and designing old posters of the Bollywood masala movies in a new format.

Nida, along with her partner Raul Chandra launched ‘New India Bioscope Company’. The company designs clothes, lifestyle accessories, furniture, home furnishing and art works. The collection encapsulates the vibrancy of Indian imageries. The collection encapsulates the vibrancy of Indian movies, be it the people, or the conversations.  

Here’s wishing Nida and her team success in rehabilitating the poster artists.

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