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In response to the scarcity of water faced by Nagaland, the department of Geology and Mining is all set to focus on development of ground water in the state.

The state of Nagaland has distinct physical and physiographic characters with almost 95 per cent of its total area covered by hilly terrain with limited valley areas. The state is also bestowed with enormous natural resources including rainfall and scenic beauty of landscapes and waterfalls in the hills. “However, in-spite of its complexity in nature and difficult terrain, urbanisation and developmental activities in the hilly areas are emerging fast during the last few years coupled with increase in population. Consequently, the demand and need for fresh water resources in all sectors is increasing tangentially which is posing a challenge before us for holistic approach,”  said Benjamin Newmai, the Geology & Mining department’s Secretary.

If the current dwindling rate of water resources continues, we could see water shortage of enormous proportions all across our country. According to Mr. Newmai,

Under the said circumstances, sustainable and need based development of ground water resources at suitable hydro-geological conditions is the only alternative for sustenance.

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