A while ago I wrote about child labour in mica mining used for cosmetics. (Cost of beauty) According to the recent news article by Reuters, we can add mining gold, sewing clothing, and harvesting cocoa to this increasing list of jobs done by child labourers.

Under international labor standards, child labor is defined as work performed by someone under the age of 15, or under 18 where specific forms of work are deemed harmful. Forced labor is involuntary or done under threat, the US Department of Labor report said.

The purpose for conducting the study is to highlight these activities so that action can be taken to target the problems.

India was linked to the highest number of products made with child labor or forced labor including soccer balls and clothing, according to report.

Various studies are conducted. Reports are generated, and laws are mandated. Why are our lawmakers forgetting the ‘enforcement’ aspect?  Read more of this news article here.