The price of beauty is steep when paid by children mining for Mica in the forests of Jharkhand.  Some of the Mica used in cosmetics comes from mines in Jharkhand which is mined by families including children. The effects of child labour are felt across generations as the lack of education for children limits future employment.

“I used to go to school and I learned how to write my name in English and some maths,” he said. “Now I just collect mica with groups of children. We work in a 5ft to 10ft hole, and loose earth falls down all the time. Last year one girl was buried.”

The anguish of a grandmother who has worked her life in the mines is evident when she thinks about her grand daughter who is also working in the mines.

I feel pain in my hands and my body, said an eight-year-old girl, Rinki.”

Her grandmother Mangari, 60, has been collecting mica since she was a teenager, a grim reminder of the generational cycle of Jharkhand’s poverty. “Of course I want to send Rinki to school, but we have to earn money and there are no schools,” she said.

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