Carbon Tetra Chloride (CTC) is a ozone-depleting gas. Increased exposure can supress the human immune system.   GTZ-Proklima, is a nonprofit that is implementing a Carbon Tetra Chloride phase out plan in India in association with the Government of India.

According to Susanta Deb, a field consultant representing GTZ-Proklima, India will be free of CTC by December 2009. Read more here.

Initiatives include providing alternatives to the use of CTC by industries. 

Alternatives to CTC for use in various sectors like metal degreasing, precision cleaning, jewellery casting, cleaning process in oxygen systems, electrical systems, offset printing and textile industry for stain removal, had been discovered and details about them and application methods were being imparted to the Indian industries, says Susant Deb.   

India is one of the 193 signatories to the Montreal Protocol on Substances Depleting the Ozone Layer. Per this treaty, countries will phase out production of substances believed to be responsible for ozone depletion. 

I will update you later this year on the outcome of this effort.