At a time when water shortage is prevalent across the country, it comes as a shock that nearly 50 percent of a water resource is wasted.

Much of Bangalore’s piped water is lost in transmission, mainly due to leakage across the network of pipes, from distribution mains, service pipes to stand posts, according to the Environment Status Report for Bangalore prepared by Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute for the Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment.

Poor operation and maintenance of the network by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board is the culprit. Added to that, the fact that they have no concrete procedure to track illegal tappings.

The cost of water production and supply in Bangalore is the highest in the country at Rs. 23.13 per kilolitre. Mumbai pays Rs. 2.17 and Chennai Rs. 5.73.

It is about time that we and our government officials learn what ‘conservation’ really means. Read more here.