Crimes against children are so rampant in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu that authorities are taking up Child Mapping to gain a better insight into the plight of children. The Child Mapping exercise is a joint effort between the district administration and UNICEF.

Here is the ordeal of some of the children.

Almost every third child in every village in Krishnagiri will bear a scar on their chest. For, within hours of their birth, they are branded with steaming hot iron needles or rods by the elderly women in the village. It is an age-old but “harmless’ practice to “ward off” infections, stomach upsets and evil spirits in this part of the countryside, insist villagers.

Children are offered as bonded labourers for as low as Rs. 10,000. Some parents pledge their children for three or four years to get money to build houses,” says the Sarva Siksha Abiyan programme district coordinator, A Karthikeyan.

Other atrocities include child marriages. Krishnagiri District Collector hopes to develop a comprehensive program to protect  children.  I do hope this effort is a success. Read more here.