A young girl Kiran Kumari of East Champaran district in Bihar has saved hundreds of dying trees.

Kiran Kumari, a 19-year-old science student of Class 12, discovered a remedy that treated Seesam trees spread over about 600 acres. The trees – highly prized for their timber – regained instant health three years after they had been afflicted by a disease.

After experimenting with a few remedies, she managed to zero in on one.

I treated the roots of the trees with a diluted solution of kerosene (50 ml kerosene with 10 litres of water) and painted the stems with lime solution mixed with tobacco.

“Kiran’s hard efforts to protect Seesam trees bore fruit as greenery was back on trees and smile back on faces of people,” said Maheshwar Singh, a villager.

People like Kiran Kumari help us see the positive, despite the everyday anguish that tends to enclose our world. Read more here.