A voluntary group called People’s Association for Rural Development (PARD) has obtained permission from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to set up a Community Radio station in rural Madurai. It will be set up in T. Pudupatty in Thirumangalam taluk.  Read more here

Community Radio is a relatively new medium of news, and information transmission in India. It caters to audience from a specific area, and language. Programmes typically deal with local issues and it is characterised by active participation by the local community. 

The first Community Radio licensed to an NGO in India ‘Sangham’ radio was launched in October 2008 at Pastapur village, Medak district, Andhra Pradesh. Developed by an NGO that manages women’s groups in surrounding villages, this radio is managed by women. 

The state of our media today needs no explanation. I hope that the community radio gives an opportunity to the local people to educate themselves and improve their lives. It should not serve as a propaganda machine, rather, it should aid in promoting the life of the community. Here’s hoping that the Community Radio programs are oriented towards the needs and concerns of the communities that need them the most.