According to reports, the State Government of Goa appears to be ready to deal with vector – borne diseases that typically increase during the monsoon season. 

Diseases transmitted to humans or other animals by an insect or another arthropod are called vector-borne diseases. An example would be malaria which is prevalent in India. It has been widely reported that stagnant  water at construction sites breeds mosquitoes causing malaria. (Stagnant water anywhere, especially given the poor sanitation conditions in our country is harmful. ) In Goa, a majority of the people contracting malaria are construction workers. 

In a bid to curb the spread of malaria by migrant labourers at construction sites, the government is considering amending the Goa Public Health Act to increase the fines on building contractors who do not keep health cards of migrant labourers at their sites.

According to Dr Dipak Kabadi, incharge of the national vector borne diseases programme in Goa,

The Act may be amended to increased the fines from Rs 1,000 to either Rs 5,000 or even Rs 10,000 against errant contractors. Licences of repeat offenders may also be cancelled. 

Well, making it mandatory to have health cards does not mean the government is set to deal with vector-borne diseases. We need preventive measures. Improving sanitation is one. Wonder when our government will implement actions that are not quickfixes but are beneficial. Read more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Goa/Govt-all-set-to-deal-with-vector-borne-diseases/articleshow/4567411.cms