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Jaynagar Gram Panchayat under Jirania block of West Tripura district is one of the many self help groups in Tripura reaching out to the rural women and creating employment. By empowering the rural women folk to become self-sufficient in vocations such as manufacturing incense sticks, the self-help groups’ attempt at alleviating poverty and improving the livelihood of villagers seems to have succedded. 

“We have constructed many roads, small bridges for connectivity and at every location created SHG’s (Self-help groups) for employment and earning sources for the villages particularly the women so that they can earn for their family and develop,” said Juhlera Khatun, Panchayat member in Jirania, Tripura.

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It is worth mentioning that self-help groups are also  succeeding  in other states such as  Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand.  Such self-help groups seem to be a wonderful way of enhancing women’s contribution to her rural community.