Aim of  an ‘Art Academy’ is to promote, and nuture the various arts, especially those indigenous to that area.  Well, to have an ‘Art Academy’ logistically speaking, it should have a building. According to reports, the State Government of Manipur has been asking the ‘Manipur State Kala Academy’ to shift its office to make room for the National Sports Academy, without providing an alternative site. Inspite of the fact that  3 crores (Rs 3,00,00,000) has already been sanctioned for construction of the Kala Academy building.

However, the National Sports Academy construction has begun within the Kala Academy premises.

Assistant secretary of the Manipur State Kala Akademi Association, N Biren said that there was nothing wrong to shift the Akademi for construction of National Sports Academy and for that matter development of sports. But it is irrational to ask for shifting the Akademi when no alternative office to house historic documents, books and paintings collected from within Manipur and beyond, not to mention about its annual programmes, has been arranged, he observed.
There has been no preparation to preserve the documents, paintings, books etc collected by the Akademi over a period of years.

With such a careless attitude of the State Government, how can we expect an academy to elevate the status of our arts?Read more at http://www.e-pao.net/GP.asp?src=3..250509.may09