Environmentalists are concerned about the reduced water level in Sutlej river and the vanishing water habitat. They allege that the hydroelectric companies are not releasing water per government rules.

The water was so deep earlier that we feared going near the river. Now instead of water we find tractors moving on the sand. The condition of water animals has worsened.The dam, which Jaypee Company has constructed according to the norms by the government. They have to release 15 per cent of water from the dam. But these people did not release even two per cent of the water stored in the dam.

The local government seems to be turning a deaf ear to the complaints of villagers and environmentalists. Read more at http://www.centralchronicle.com/viewnews.asp?articleID=7560

Sutlej river rises in Tibet, and enters India in Himachal Pradesh.  It is extensively used for irrigation in the Punjab belt. Until 1960, its water was a source of dispute between India and Pakistan. On September 9, 1960, the ‘Indus Water Treaty’ was signed between India and Pakistan. This treaty allocated Sutlej water to India in exchange for Pakistani rights to Indus river and its western tributaries. (Source: http://www.brittanica.com