Honest Scrap - given by Aparna Rajesh

Honest Scrap - given by Aparna Rajesh

Aparna Rajesh has given me the Honest Scrap award and tagged me to say 10 honest things about myself. Thank you Aparna. So, here goes the list.

I love nature. The mountains, rivers, streams, trees, birds, flowers. Everything!  I feel a wonderful sense of calm every time I watch the sun rise and sun set.

I am an exception to the widely accepted statement that all girls love chocolates and diamonds. I like none of those!

I drink  a lot of water and claim that I can live on water. (Though it is a baseless claim, since I love food!) I do not drink coffee, or tea.

I  absolutely love Mysore Masala Dosa and Uppitu (Upma). I can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (I have even had them for few days at a stretch.)

I am amazingly content with life.

I am a vegetarian. I do not eat egg or gelatin, and can bore any waiter/waitress at restaurants by interrogating them about the ingredients!

I love shopping at the Farmer’s market (Rythu bazaar). I feel ‘like a kid in candy store’  buying fresh vegetables. 🙂

I lack patience to watch movies in any language. I prefer reading books.

My sleep is very important to me.

I like going on road trips!

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