It is heartening to note that Child labour cases in Pune are on the decline. According to the district labour commissioner of Pune, the number of Child labour cases has come down from 74 cases in 2007 to 54 cases in 2008. 

Per the news report, raids were conducted at over 2,200 establishments in the district.

Assistant labour commissioner Sambhaji More said: “Most of the children were found at hotels, dhabaas, food and beverage outlets, garage, traffic junctions and garbage depots. All of them were below the age of 14 years and were forced to work. Street children and beggars were also found during the raids. All the children have been sent to remand home.” 

“Campaigning against child labour and awareness campaigns for eliminating it in the last few years have helped to control the problem. These campaigns have been taken up in association with various social organisations.”  More said. 

Any reduction in the numbers is definitely welcome news. Because, it is the life of a child. Though the decreasing trend is heartening, there is a lot of work that needs to be done in rehabilitating these children, and providing them education. With cooperation from the public and police, we can make more progress in the right direction.  Thank you to all the activists and individuals involved in the effort.  Read more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Pune/Child-labour-cases-decline-in-Pune/articleshow/4465626.cms