It is welcoming news that children working as labourers are being rescued from factories in raids conducted by state officials along with NGOs. Rescued children in most cases are handed over to ‘Children Remand Home’ where they are ‘supposed to find shelter’. Well, from then on, the news is no longer welcoming if reports are to be believed. The next thing you know is that mysterious people show up as ‘parents’ of these hapless children at the ‘Children Remand Home’. The children are handed over to their ‘parents’ and they make their way back into the clutches of working in factories.  Pathetic with a capital P.  

Stringent laws need to be followed to the extent possible for the rescue and rehabilitation of such children.  Government should take bold initiatives and implement them to help such children. Punitive measures need to be taken against employers of child labourers and their accomplices.

There is no dearth of laws. However, there is a severe indifference in  implementing them.

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