As I stepped out of home today, it was refreshing to hear the robins. I have been told by friends here that visibility of robins is the ‘first sign of spring’ in Minnesota! After seeing one today, I want to be convinced! One of my favorite pastimes during spring and summer is having a bird feeder by my window and watching the birds munch their food. What a thrill in identifying new guests by your window! I am guessing that thrill magnified by a thousand times is what Dr. Ramana Athreya and his team, experienced when they identified a new species of birds after a gap of 55 years! Bugun Liocichla, is named after the Bugun tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, where the bird was first sighted in the Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary.

Dr. Athreya led the Biodiversity Conservation Project in partnership with Mr Indi Glow of the Bugun tribe. Dr. Athreya believes that there are many bird species yet to be identified.

“In fact the whole area is a Noah’s Ark. In a straight line distance of 250 kms, a nature lover can traverse 4,500 metres of altitude and come across a bird area of 750 species. Eaglenest alone would have 400 species of birds”

It is heartwarming to note that there are many species yet to be identified in their natural habitat in the Eastern Himalayan region. More information, could not be found on internet, but to hear that there are plans to build a highway through the Bugun Liocichla’s core habitat is really disturbing.  Will we ever learn to ‘live and let live’?

Read more at http://www.hindu.com/2009/02/11/stories/2009021155001000.htm