‘Shumang Leela’  does not seem to have any audience.  This traditional form of performing art native to Manipur has lost its audience to the digital age. Co-operation from the government and masses is necessary to revive the numerous arts that have been part of our culture for many years. These arts carry with them an element of the social culture of the region, which must be retained for future generations. 

“The story of Moirang, the immortal love story of Khamba Thoibi and historical events of Manipur are also staged by the Shumang Leelas in the form of Moirang Parva. Before the introduction of proscenium theatre in 1902, Shumang Leela played the role of theatre in Manipur. Its impact on the minds of the masses irrespective of the generation was such that it is difficult to separate Shumang Leela from Manipuri socio cultural scene.” Read more at http://www.kanglaonline.com/index.php?template=headline&newsid=45147&typeid=1