I have always cherished travelling by train. It is pure joy to experience different scenes  at leisure, to buy the delicious snacks sold at stations, and to chat with family and friends travelling with you.  As with every mode of transport today, one tends to ask if it is environment friendly. On that note, it is heartening  that the upcoming Rail Coach factory in Rae Bareli is going to be eco-friendly. No more smoke emissions or oil spillages at the factory. If only, the railways can come up with better ideas to manage passenger train waste, train journeys would be all the more pleasant and eco-friendly!!!!

“The upcoming Rail Coach Factory in Rae Bareli will present the eco-friendly side of Indian Railways sporting smokeless chimneys and neutralising effluents from the plant. As many as 14 types of coaches, including ‘AC double decker day cars’ would roll out from the factory. The eco-friendly approach of Indian Railways will also ensure that there is little contamination of the discharge from the factory. Besides, fume extraction system will be used in areas where acids will be used in acid handling areas used for welding and cutting machine.” Read more at http://www.livemint.com/2009/01/28103110/Rae-Bareli-Rail-Coach-Factory.html