First there was the story about how unemployed youth in villages of Orissa were being persuaded to join the Maoists who promise them livelihood. Following that was the Chief Minister’s declaration that about 2000 youths from tribal villages will be recruited to join the police force. Inspite of the threats from Maoists, the latter seems to be a better choice. Not until one hears the Human Rights investigation into the issue. 

According to the Human Rights Watch, the Orissa state government in India should develop and put into effect measures to ensure that children are not recruited as “special police officers,” Human Rights Watch said in a letter released today, to Orissa’s Chief Minister Navin Patnaik. Human Rights Watch also expressed concern that special police officers (SPOs), an auxiliary force, were being used in armed operations against Maoist insurgents, known as Naxalites, contrary to Indian law. Read more at http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2009/01/27/india-don-t-recruit-children-special-police