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Tapping her fingers in air, Hafira Ishaq, a little girl aged 7 from Bemina impresses everyone by cracking intricate problems of addition, subtraction and multiplication, all in just a matter of few seconds. Pose her a difficult arithmetic problem, in a jiffy; she answers back, which otherwise demands high degree of expertise. “I was scared of mathematical problems, but once I learned techniques to overcome these problems, I found myself ready with the answer no sooner my instructor would write a question on the black board,” says Hafira. Hafira and her colleagues Saturday demonstrated their skill set in front of a huge audience during a felicitation function held at College of Education. The function was organized by ALOHA, an international institute having franchise offices across India, where a child is trained for mental arithmetic. Read more at http://www.risingkashmir.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9965

ALOHA is the acronym for ABACUS Learning of Higher Arithmetic. Founded in 1993, by Mr. Loh Mun Sung, the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program provides a fun filled and interactive learning environment.  One cannot help but feel good for these kids in Kashmir who are doing well inspite of all the violence surrounding them. If interested, you can contact ALOHA centre in India . Andhra Pradesh also has a ALOHA centre.