Hundreds of tribe members, armed with bows and arrows, staged a march in India’s eastern Orissa state Saturday to protest a mine planned by British firm Vedanta Resources, news reports said. The tribe members assembled at Semelbhata village in Kalahandi district, about 600 kilometres south-east of the state capital of Bhubaneshwar. They marched for about five kilometres, shouting slogans against Vedanta and the state and federal governments, the IANS news agency reported. Vedanta has received permission from the government of Orissa to dig open-cast mines in the Niyamgiri hills to provide bauxite for its alumina refinery plant in Lanjahgarh. However, those hills are inhabited by a tribe known as the Dongaria Kondhs. Its members, who have lived in the region for generations, argue that mining would pollute their rivers, destroy the jungles, deprive them of livelihoods and displace them from their land. Read more at http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/southasia/news/article_1454035.php/Tribes_protest_British_firms_mining_plan_in_eastern_India_