Himachal Govt. has decided to strengthen the ‘Guru-Shishya’ (Teacher-Pupil) Scheme to train budding artistes in traditional folk arts of the state. This was revealed by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister and Chairman of the Executive Council of HP Language, Art and Culture Academy.

This effort is made in order to preserve the folk art and culture of the state by grooming young people in specific fields and providing improvised monthly honorarium of Rs. 2,000 to the teachers and enhanced scholarship of Rs. 500 to the pupils earlier which was Rs. 500 and Rs. 300 respectively, he said. Every teacher will be training a minimum batch of five students in master craftsman in Pahari Paintings, Sculpture, Wood Carving, Folk Dance, Folk Music and Instruments, Chamba Rumaal, Handicrafts, besides training them in ancient scriptures reading and revive the folk art and craft at the verge of extinction for future generations to come, he added. Read more at http://himachal.us/2009/01/14/himachal-govt-makes-efforts-to-preserve-its-folk-art-and-culture/9673/news/disha