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Haryana Irrigation department has tested Hansi Bhutana canal after flowing water in it. Sources said Wednesday that the Haryana Government however didn’t puncture the Narwana branch of Bakhra main canal but put water from the Urlana Minor of Ghaggar river.  The Supreme Court of India has already given stay to puncture Narwana branch of Bakhra main canal. Haryana Government wanted to puncture Bakhra Main Line near Azimgarh in Haryana adjoining Patiala district.  The construction of a 110-kilomter long tributary was opposed by Punjab and case was pending in Supreme Court.  Punjab pleaded in the court that  in case a cut in Bakhra Main Line from a point where Haryana government has proposed, then huge agriculture areas (in around 60 villages) in Punjab area would remain un-irrigated as water would not reach to the tail ends. Canal would also create blockage when passing the upper side of Ghaggar in Patiala district. Haryana has made three siphons on Ghaggar having the provision of 1,6,2000 cusecs water which was not enough to pass water in rainy seasons.  Read more at http://www.punjabnewsline.com/content/view/14857/38/