Union Water Resources Minister Professor Saifuddin Soz said the India is making serious efforts to address numerous challenges in water resources sector with due emphasis on the sustainability of the eco-system in the larger interests of mankind. Inaugurating the International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and Society (WEES-2009) in New Delhi, Soz said population growth is a contributing factor to the per capita availability of water reducing day by day. “The growing population coupled with industrialization and urbanization have resulted in demand for various uses. For optimum utilization of water resources, we have to adopt the most appropriate measures for development and put an efficient management system in place. We have achieved considerably in this direction,” he said. Referring to the ground water table situation and the deterioration in water quality, the Minister insisted on planning appropriate strategies on a priority basis. He said sustainable development and the efficient management of water resources is the key to economic growth and poverty alleviation. Read more at http://www.freshnews.in/india-keen-to-address-water-resource-challenge-soz-112868