As many as 200 sex workers hailing from 20-odd brothels in Meerut have petitioned chief minister Mayawati requesting her to save them from clutches of a racket comprising pimps, police officers and rescue officers. These women are facing life threats after they said no to the racketeers who are forcing them to introduce their own children and minors from rural UP, Rajasthan, Nepal and Bangladesh into prostitution. Residents of Kabadi Bazar, the red light area under Meerut city police circle, these sex workers want to quit prostitution and lead a normal lie. Many have even put their children in schools. But the pimps and police are demanding huge money for `freedom’. The cost also includes introducing new girls into the profession to compensate for loss. A recent diktat asked sex workers to pay Rs 6,000 each which reportedly would go to police and government officers. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Lucknow/Meerut_sex_workers_cry_freedom/articleshow/3960943.cms