A noted ornithologist has suggested creation of another bird sanctuary inside the vast Chilika lake to give legal protection to the migratory birds visiting the biggest wetland in the country for waterfowl habitats.”Another bird sanctuary should be declared comprising areas of Bhubaneswar, Mangalajodi and Balipatapur, the northern side of the lake as more migratory birds are seen taking shelter in these areas,” ornithologist U.N. Dev, who has been studying the birds in Chilika for the last three decades, said.The State government has declared 15.53 sqkm Nalabana island as a bird sanctuary under the provisions of Wildlife (protection) act, 1972 to give protection to the winged guests. The area has been declared as a sanctuary or closed area for the visitors as most of the visiting birds flock the area.Read more at http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/001200901111611.htm