Kailashben Raval is a Mathoda Kamdar who carries huge loads to earn her daily wage. And, she always wanted her children to share her work. She is happy that now her son sits gets back home after Teach India classes and sits down to study. The change in him brings a smile on her face. The world is slowly changing for this resident of Natvarlal-ni-chali in Sarangpur, who has to toil hard to make ends meet.  Teach India is slowly bringing about a change. Many workers in the unorganised sector, who kept their children away from school so that they could lend a helping hand, are happy that Teach India classes have spurred in their kids an urge for education. And, they are now forcing them to go to school. SEWA volunteers who spotted this change among parents of kids coming to Teach India classes, say its a unique change.  Read more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Ahmedabad/Teach_India_Bringing_about_a_social_change/articleshow/3944098.cms