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The Uranium Mining Corporation of India (UCIL)  launched a fresh drive to begin mining in Meghalaya using science as a tool to educate people, as the department of atomic energy pleaded with the NGOs to reconsider their opposition to exploration. Swapnesh Kumar Malhotra, head of the public awareness division of the department of atomic energy,  said some of the country’s nuclear reactors were running low on their installed capacity and hence “it has become all the more urgent to start mining” in Meghalaya. The UCIL also asked the NGOs and the people of the state who oppose uranium mining in West Khasi Hills to understand that radiation from uranium mining would not harm the ecology or human life.Stressing that Meghalaya’s uranium deposits are the largest and the richest in the whole country, the official said once mining is carried out, it would bring development to the impoverished West Khasi Hills district. Read more at http://www.telegraphindia.com/1090107/jsp/frontpage/story_10353905.jsp