Two grand old ladies of Bangalore have come to be known as pizza grannies. They serve yummy pizzas, for a cause – to build a home for the aged and to keep it running.  The pizza grannies are Padma Srinivasan, now 73, and her friend and business partner Jayalakshmi Sreenivasan, 75.  In 2003 Padma came up with the idea of building a home for elderly citizens of Bangalore. “I have always wanted to contribute to society. Elderly people in our society are the most neglected ones. Thus I wanted to contribute to their cause,” Padma said. he purchased a plot of land in Vijayanagar village, 30 km from Bangalore. But I did not have the money, an estimated Rs.78 lakh (Rs. 7.8 million), to build the old age home. It was during that time my daughter Sarasa Vasudevan and my friend Jayalakshmi Sreenivasan gave me the idea to prepare and sell pizzas to raise the money and our pizzeria took birth,” she recounted.  The pizzeria, christened Pizza Haven, started in the garage of Padma’s daughter. Read more at http://www.deccanherald.com/Content/Jan32009/city20090103110412.asp?section=thirdcolumnupdatenews