They might be underprivileged in terms of material resources, but as far as enthusiasm and talent go, these kids are far 
from deprived. From singing, dancing to doing household chores, there is very less that these kids can’t do at such a young age. Fifteen such children got together at Uday Urban Resource centre, Vasna to welcome a new teacher. As soon as Teach India volunteer Sonal Shah reached the venue, kids brought out their notebooks and began showing her their masterpieces of art and writing. “It’s been lovely interacting with them and I know I had made the right decision in coming here,” said an elated Sonal. For children who came from both private and municipal schools, it was the beginning of an interesting series of teaching sessions. Eleven-year-old Bhavin said, “I showed my math homework to teacher and she helped me correct mistakes I had made.”  Free tuition classes are given to kids at this centre.  Read more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Ahmedabad/Teaching_kids_what_counts/articleshow/3898124.cms