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Behind the high walls of the Poojappura Central Prison, a green revolution is in the making. Three acres of prison land are now all set for cultivating paddy.  Agriculture Minister Mullakkara Ratnakaran  launched the ‘Ottanjaar’ (System of Rice Intensification) farming in the jail. The Seed Farm at Chirayinkeezhu is providing ‘Uma’, a paddy seed variety for the cultivation. Read more at http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=A+unique+green+revolution+behind+the+walls&artid=l4lCbFnHhq4=&SectionID=lMx/b5mt1kU=&MainSectionID=wIcBMLGbUJI=&SectionName=tm2kh5uDhixGlQvAG42A/07OVZOOEmts&SEO=